Non-Smoking Restaurants and Cafes in Armenia

Enjoy fresh air without cigarettes

Non-smoking and family friendly restaurants and cafes in Armenia

Enjoy yummy food or cup of a good coffee with your loved ones, children or friends at one of the strictly non-smoking restaurants and cafes in Armenia. Forget cigarettes. Discover huge variety of inspiring smell of foods and drinks. Enjoy healthy social life and personal freedom.

This map shows businesses which care about health, families and the future of Armenia. Just because healthy people make wealthy nation.

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What can you find in this map?

No burning cigarettes, no IQOS, no hookah. This maps shows places where smoking is not allowed in entire restaurant or, in few cases, restaurant with rooms for smokers and non-smokers separated by wall. See WHO Recommendations.

Armenia is dying

Little Armenia pays very high price for tolerating smoking culture. Every year more than 5100 of its people are killed by tobacco-caused disease. More people smoke, less productive they are, they get sick, die and there is a huge loss in the economy. See Complete smoking ban in Russia.